Monday, June 22, 2009

Holy Angels Parish Picnic

One of the things that I remember growing up is going to the Parish Picnic. My dad would have a beer or two, or get the idea. My mom would not be happy unless she won a cake and had some quality BINGO time. For me it was all about the food "Love those chicken dinners" and GAMBLING for real money--what a treat!. There were plenty of ways to squander a buck or two but my favorite was the Chuck-A-Luck Wheel.

The rides have been around for awhile but back in my day you spent your money on three things--Food, Beer and Gambling. I think the rides have become almost expected in today's market.

Entertainment has always been on hand. Of course back then it was Old Country today it was Rock-N-Roll. The band was actually pretty good.

Entrepreneur's are also welcomed. A neighbor boy of mine setup a "Marshmallow Gun" booth. The guns proved to be a hot item and he sold out before the evening ended.

He said he lost track of how many people commented on the misspelling of Marshmallow on the sign. He said he was using it as a marketing tool.

Besides the food--can you say funnel cakes and sugar waffles. It's always nice just to run into people you know but don't get to see very often.


Amy said...

I also enjoyed the Parish Picnic with my family--this was the first time I let 3 of our kids ride on rides, it was never an issue before.
I too enjoy winning a cake at the picnic. What a great way to support your local parish!

Russ Martin (AKA "Steeple Chaser") said...

Thanks for the comment Amy. I was just there with my wife. Our teenager was there with a date and avoiding us. I hadn't been there in awhile so it was nice to go and stroll down memeory lane. I was very pleased that the food prices were reasonable. It looks like a lot of work for just one day. I am surprised they don't go at least two.

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