Sunday, June 21, 2009

Armstrong Air & Space Museum (Wapakoneta)

July 20th 2009 will mark the 40 year anniversary of Neil Armstrong's historical first step on the moon.

I have passed by the museum many times but had never visited it until now.

The museum chronicles Neil Armstrong, who is a Wapakoneta native achievements.

There is plenty to see and appreciate. There are interactive displays as well as a theater. This moon rock is one of the largest I've seen.

There are numerous Apollo 11 artifacts, a Gemini VIII Space craft and the experimental F5D Skylancer Plane that Armstrong flew in preparation for space flight.

I was surprised to find the amount and quality of material on display at the museum and was glad I went.

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42N said...

Thanks for the visual tour. I now have placed the museum on my must-see list. Armstrong and Cernan (first and last moonwalkers) recently chided NASA for not having a clear man space direction and immediate succor to the Shuttle. I think Neil is trying to send out messages that he has held for a long time.

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