Monday, January 25, 2010

Hocking Hills Winter Hike

Every year in January you can take a 6 mile winter hike at Hocking hills. The hike starts at the trail head for Old Man's Cave. From Old Man's cave you travel to Cedar Falls and end at Ash Cave. The park provides a shuttle back (Only on the Saturday of the Scheduled Winter Hike).

Every year I've gone it's been extremely cold - somewhere in the single digits, but always worth it. Pictured here is the falls at Old Man's Cave. Cedar Falls comes next and is well worth the walk.

About half way you can stop and enjoy some good ole beans and cornbread and hot chocolate.

The mountain of ice that forms at the bottom of Ash Cave is just amazing.

If your wondering just how cold the trek can be, just ask this guy!

While I wouldn't do it every year It is definitely worth a trip if you've never been.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ohio Then and Now

While surfing the net I found this wonderful book "Ohio Then and Now" by Photographer Randall Scieber and Auther Robin Smith. Click the following link for a nostalgic look of scenes from Ohio's past compared to their present view. Ohio Then and Now

Welcome to My Hometown Ohio

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