Monday, August 3, 2009

Squadron Island Nature Trail, Cullen Park, Point Place, Toledo

I grew up in this area ... but I hadn't been back to Cullen Park since about 1969. I hadn't even been back to Point Place for well over 15 years. My family no longer lives out there, I don't know anyone out there now - but a year or so ago, I began making occasional visits to the church I grew up in. Made a return visit one day this past March, in the middle of a sunny weekday, for a photo tour. I remembered this dike as being much higher, with almost no vegetation until one got out to the island, about a mile out into the lake. I was delighted to see that it had worn or sunk, whatever, much closer to the water and was now overgrown with trees ... a nature path over the lake!
The south side of the dike: The wind was whipping up the waves, and a chill spray was in the air. The park's boat launch is in the background.
The lake shipping season was already under way by then.

The much calmer lagoon on the north side of the dike. The edge of Point Place is visible.

No matter where I might end up living, I will always love Lake Erie ... I've been away for far too long ...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great pictures. Having grown up in the 'back of the point' in the 1980's, I miss the area's subtle and endearing charm. I live in SW Ohio now, but get up to visit friends and family when I can. Best place any place to grow up...

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