Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Auglaize County Countryside

The following post was given to me by Lee Miller. (Looks like Lee has been very busy taking pictures lately). Thanks for sharing Lee. These are fantastic.

Many of us are town dwellers, and as we drive the highways and interstates we tend to ignore the countryside around us. Ohio has over 10 million acres in farmland and over a million acres in woodland. Agriculture is big business in Ohio, and certainly plays a large part in Auglaize County as well as the surrounding counties.

Unless we have reason, we seldom drive the back roadways of Ohio. But, those back roadways hide a certain beauty that is found in Ohio. Ohio may not have mountains, but Ohio has a subtle beauty that we all can watch for and enjoy, in the straight rows in the corn fields, the gold of the wheat, the contrasting golds and greens in the fields, the peaceful pasture land holding cows, or horses, and sometimes goats and sheep.

Watch for Ohio sunrises and beautiful sunsets over the flat fields and above our woods. It’s a pretty nice place to live.

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