Monday, August 17, 2009

Moulton Days

The following post was given to me by Lee Miller.

Trinity Lutheran Church, Moulton, OH is a friendly place to worship.

This year, rather than the traditional bible school, it was decided to have a two-day experience of worship, learning, fun and food.

There was something for everyone, from the very oldest to the youngest member. A good time was had by all, as was attested to by a little fellow that, whenever he saw me with my camera, he posed. The last time I saw him, he didn’t, and I asked him why not. “Because I am tired out”, was the answer. The inflatable obstruction course, which was a hit for all, had gotten the best of him.

I think we all came away with a greater sense of community and are looking forward to next year.

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ShariYS said...

Oh yeah!! Tent revival Lutheran style! Russ, please put those pictures on the Lutheran blog Did he send you any more of the church itself?

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