Sunday, July 19, 2009

Troy Walk--About

These aren't particularly artistic pictures; just some I took while walking around Troy the other day. There mostly of some of the well known landmarks.

I love to tour cemeteries. I am not sure what the fascination is but I almost always pull in for a look when I am out driving. I found this awesome mausoleum in the local cemetery.

I've gone ice-skating on more than one occasion at the Troy Hobart Arena.

I found the Old Power Plant between the river and courthouse a nice picture find.

Most of the county court houses that I've seen have a very similar look to them.

I bet this set of Ten Commandments on the Court House lawn has drew its share of attention.

I'll close with a few random shots from downtown.


Amy said...

With my brother living in Troy, I've been there many times so you've sparked some interest from me with your pictures.
The mausoleum is absolutely beautiful and the Ten Commandments...never knew they were there.

It amazes me how you can always find something beautiful out of something so ordinary--you've surely changed the way I look at things around town. **thanks!!

Russ Martin (AKA "Steeple Chaser") said...

Wow Amy thanks for the words of encouragement. The Ten Commandments are located on the riverside of the Courthouse. Troy's a great place to take pictures so look for more in the future.

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