Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Night Life in Auglaize County

The following picture and story were sent to me by Lee Miller.

These little guys lived in a tree, and would come out to see the world. That particular night was the first rain they had ever seen, and they would come out of the woods onto the cement drive to find little puddles and would take their hands and splash in the water.

I knelt down, and I will never forget….one climbed on my knee, took my camera strap and pulled it down hand over hand looking at it very closely as he pulled it. They would pull on your shoe string with their teeth like puppies. I have no idea where momma was, but the babies were not too afraid, But, they had nothing to be afraid of there.

Thanks Lee, great story and picture. Those guys are just too cute.


ShariYS said...

Awwwwww ... I didn't know they could be so innocent and trusting ... Yep, that's night life in Auglaize County, all right! (My dad's family is all from the Cridersville-Uniopolis area.)

I'm half a block away from an old historic cemetery, and I see these little guys coming up on my porch, too ... but those are city coons, they've got a different attitude. They think they're entitled to just everything. They come up out of the sewers and march right up on my porch looking for the cat food I put out!

Anonymous said...

All racoons are opportunists and they all love a free meal, whether they are from the city or the country. They love cat food. Just remember, cute as they are, especially when small, they are wild and do not tame. They can be very destructive. But, all the same, it is amazing what lives in our woods and fields that most of us never take the time to see.

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