Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MidFirst Ohio Challenge, Middletown

The following pictures and story was submitted to me by Jodi Peyton.

This is 7th annual MidFirst Ohio Challenge, a full festival featuring hot air balloon competition events in the skies of Middletown, Ohio. Complete with skydivers and balloon glows after dark.

It is great to wake up to a sky full of hot air balloons floating right over the house! Usually in years past they fly over our house maybe once out of the weekend but this year they flew over every day!

The two special shape balloons in this year’s event—Lily and Joey, the Little Bees are flown by a husband and wife team. The Little Bees are the world’s only tandem flying special shape hot air balloons. They have appeared all over the world since their “birth” in 2003 at the Victoria Balloon factory in Brazil. They each hold 98,000 cubic feet of hot air, stand 110 feet tall and reach 110 feet from finger tip to finger tip.

They blow them up side by side, looks as if they are holding hands all the way up. At on point on Saturday evening the wind blew the girl and it looked like she was kissing him on the cheek. The kids thought they were great! (Sadly I did not get to take any of the fronts of them.)

Nice work Jodie. I've been wanting to go to one of these events for quite sometime. Your pictures now make want to go even more.

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